our mission

Word in Action Outreach is Christ Centered Organization to share the True Gospel of Jesus Christ to ends to the earth and care and share the spiritual and physical needs of the Broken,

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Sponsor a Child

Life is filled with challenges and to raise a kid with all amenities for family is a great responsibility filled with love. But a child who doesn’t have a family to take care and who

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WIAO sharing the Gospel among the unreached people groups and Helping the helpless lives in various stages of poverty.Its main focus to spread the Gospel to Ends to the earth with

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We at Living Waters Bible college, today our orphanages children praying for this mountain - specially to built a Church, prayer rooms and a Christian recreation centers

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Evangelism is the announcement, explanation, proclamation and preaching of the gospel. Evangelism have been developed to communicate the gospel and lead people to salvation.


Gathering of people in a place called Church to learn the word of GOD and walk in it according to the will of GOD. From the bygone days in Church History, Church has a great importance in developing Christian

leadership conferences

Bible teaches us many things about the nature and quality of Christian leadership. Effective leaders operate out of strong conviction, which helps a congregation discern its purpose and vision. Perhaps the most

bible college

Bible college education forces students to delve more deeply into God’s Word and the study of theology. Their experience in the classroom exposes them to more and diverse

We fight together

We are humans

WE care about others

We are humans

Our Causes

hunger and poverty

The main reasons of poverty is the people have no family planing,no work,do counseling or awareness,un education,cast, and the social issues.Due to increase in population of slum dwellers,

education and training

Millions of people lack the most basic education, which includes literacy, baseline mathematical understanding, and general life skills. Yet basic education in all societies is critical


In basic needs of human life, clothing has been one of the priorities. There are many slum dwellers and poor village people that were not able to at least cover their body fully. Most of the families or kids

medical care

Word in Action Outreach has a great burden for the sick and people who are in need of medical services. Remote places or the slum places where the medical facilities are not available

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