“ Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel”

Evangelism is the announcement, explanation,proclamation and preaching of the gospel. Evangelism have been developed to communicate the gospel and lead people to salvation. Evangelism is about telling truth.Word in Action Outreach with this heavenly commission, is training the dedicated pastors to reach the far flung and remote places in order to Evangelize the national and international and set it free from the clutches of Sin. Harvest is near, So pray for us to reach more places and preach the gospel in most untouched parts in India and the World.


Gathering of people in a place called Church to learn the word of GOD and walk in it according to the will of GOD. From the bygone days in Church History, Church has a great importance in developing Christian faith and raising its believers in strong faith. Mission of God to reconcile all things to himself, God sends the church into the world to spread the gospel, to evangelize, to proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God, and to embody in its corporate life the message of reconciliation.Word in Action Outreach has placed a great importance to plant Churches in every needed place where the increasing believers could have enough freedom and word of God being preached to them to walk in Christian Faith. By the grace of God and as per the Vision & Mission of WAO and associated Teams has been instrumental in planting Churches by the support of God’s people in many parts in India and Globally.

Word of God is still yet to be preached in many places and there are places where gatherings are occurring in open places or in some places they don’t even have good place to worship the Lord. Knowing the need of Church , WAO is is strongly committed to plant more churches and enable local pastors and their believers to have good place to worship God and walk in faith.

Leadership Conferences

Bible teaches us many things about the nature and quality of Christian leadership. Effective leaders operate out of strong conviction, which helps a congregation discern its purpose and vision. Perhaps the most profound insight comes from the life of Christ himself and Christ’s clear teaching regarding servant leadership.

Word in Action Outreach has focused on developing the Christ centered Christian leadership teams that can lead the body of Christ, the Church in perfect word of GOD. With evangelical conferences shrinking in number, WAO has felt that this is the appropriate time for christians to remember the importance of attending Christian conferences that can teach them how to share the faith they believe.

WAO conducts regular and periodical conferences to develop leadership qualities in the Gods elect team of pastors and the prominent church members from many parts of India. These conferences would allow the team to spend more time on practical steps and digging deep into the Word.

WAO team looks forward to conduct these Leadership conferences in future to develop the leadership qualities in the Church teams, if you have enough desire,resources and skilled team to conduct and train up our Church teams in these leadership conferences then please contact our team.

Bible College

Bible college education forces students to delve more deeply into God’s Word and the study of theology. Their experience in the classroom exposes them to more and diverse insights and ideas that they otherwise may not have ever known. Bible colleges provide a great environment to learn the Christian walk and Faith before they preach it to the real tough world.

Word in Action Outreach has developed a wonderful Bible College called Living Waters Bible College that has experienced professors who are strong in Biblical theology to train up a new believer in Christian faith. Living Waters Bible College teach subjects in short term and long term cources they provide the students with the skills to dig into certain dimensions of spiritual growth and development that may be unknown to them. This would enable the student to develop new sense of growth and maturity not only personally and socially but, more importantly, spiritually.

Word in Action Outreach Bible College trains up student in Biblical Theology and equips them with enough resources to take up the Church responsibility based on the need. WAO is open to accept support from Christian Ministries and supporters in sponsoring these Bible students in their education & in their field work as pastors. For more details on sponsoring a Bible student contact our team.Living Waters Bible College offering a six months Diploma in Bible training course for the students with residential and non residential.

Sponsor a Bible College Student:
Per Month $ 60
For six Months : $ 360

Support a Native Pastor :

WAO supporting pastors and evangelists who are doing the Lords work among the poorest villages and slums and suffering with troubles and struggles in various reasons.These leasers are sharing the Gospel and Sharing the Love of Christ among the needy in their areas.

Support a Native Pastor:
Per Month $ 100

Hunger and poverty

The main reasons of poverty is the people have no family planing,no work,do counseling or awareness,un education,cast, and the social issues.Due to increase in population of slum dwellers, most of the basic supply are worsened and many off the families were not able to meet their needs. At a time like this there are many children and families who were not able to feed their kids and were not able to nourish their babies.

Word in Action Outreach with a mission to feed the slum dwellers has been conducting food supply to many of the families. Either weekly or twice in a week, WAO with support of sponsors was able to feed the hungry stomach at least for a day or two in a week. But still there are many kids and poverty stricken families that are facing worse life conditions who have gone to sleep without even feeding their empty stomach.

Please kindly pray and support WAO efforts to sponsor to feed the hungry families and kids in the slums:

To support $50 per month feed a hungry family in slum as they cover with this support to maintain their family and even regular basically needs.

Education and training and self help Schemes

Millions of people lack the most basic education, which includes literacy, baseline mathematical understanding, and general life skills. Yet basic education in all societies is critical to individual and economic development and political stability—and it also contributes to improved health, human rights and gender equity.

Basic education to kids and training skills in home based works for women is a great effort made by Word in Action Outreach. WOA has been training men and women in small scale work like upraising cattle, tailoring works, etc. Teaching a skill to needed person would enable them to earn a living by the skills they are good at. Education would eradicate the superstitious beliefs and would allow them to understand the truth. So WOA has been taking steps to bring forward new methods and training systems from supporters for the betterment in the life and conditions of the poor and lower income grade people.

Support from friends or organizations can enable the Word in Action Outreach to educate the children, support the families to purchase a buffalo or cow or goat or few chicken which can be a new source of income to these poverty stricken families.

Clothes for poor kids

In basic needs of human life, clothing has been one of the priorities. There are many slum dwellers and poor village people that were not able to at least cover their body fully. Most of the families or kids in slums and orphanages would be greatly delighted to find a new dress being handed to them to wear.

Word in Action Outreach with burden and love for these has taken various initiatives to collect gifts and clothing from generous donors and supporters to gift clothes to these needed kids. WAO has been doing its best to gift clothes to the kids in orphanages, kids in slums and the families on special days like Christmas, New year and Easter days. WAO would be greatly thankful , if supporting hands would enable their efforts to provide more clothing to still some more people as this could bring more smiles in still some more lives and families.

Sponsor a pair of Cloths and Shoes or Sandals : $50

Medical Outreach

Word in Action Outreach has a great burden for the sick and people who are in need of medical services. Remote places or the slum places where the medical facilities are not available have been the priority to provide medical camps with preliminary checks and with medicine provisions for the sick people.

WAO has taken the most challenging mission to set up camps at these places to conduct examination and medicine supplies to the poorest people who unable to offered. These medical camps have been a great aid to these children as many of the unrecognized sicknesses, deficiencies and other diseases are being examined and treated with suitable medicines.The mission concentration in the victims of malaria,typhoid,diaraiah,dengue fevers and other diseases.

Medical Averseness camps

Word in Action Outreach conducting medical awareness camps and counceling the poor communities about the hygienic,sanitation,safe drinking water usage and safe environmental living and the standards.

Support for Leprosy Patients

Modern society is still lacking moral initiative to support the leprosy patients and the living conditions for these patients. Patients of leprosy are in such a miserable state they could hardly have any good life supports. Word in Action Outreach ministry with a mission to support and aid for their medical facility has conducted different programs such as tailor made sandals for their deformed feet, clothing supplies, feeding and blankets. Supporting initiative from other individual or organizational sponsorships can enable WAO to work more in this mission.

Word in Action Outreach closely working Lepers in Nidadavole and Rajahmundry and Hyderabad areas.As the people treating them as untouchables.We touching this helpless people who are broken and neglected.

Sponsor a Leper : $ 50 per month it covers one person for hygienic food,medical and basicall needs of a leper man or women.

Aid to Stone Breakers

Stone workers living near to quarry sites in small, unsanitary huts and have limited access to health care or clean drinking water. Hazardous working conditions are common and workplace safety is inadequate, leading to accidents and chronic occupational diseases. Involvement of children was mainly observed in waste stone processing. Exposure to silica dust causes lung diseases and reduces lifespan considerably. Unsanitary living conditions, malnutrition, lack of clean drinking water and substandard medical care also contribute to the poor health of stone workers.

Another serious problem is financial aspects in Stone workers life are in form of Salary advances or loans which are provided by quarry owners to tie workers to the job. The interest on the loan is often so high - up to 48% per year - that workers can hardly pay off the loan. In addition, some workers are even prohibited to leave the quarry and talk to people outside the quarry premises. More than 90% of the workers in are hired on informal basis without any written employment contracts.

So paying off their debts in short period and that too in such a miserable health conditions has turned out to be a dream for them.

Word in Action outreach ministry with a concern to support stone workers, who are in heart breaking conditions and have no hope for their future. WAO has taken every possible effort in rescuing people who look for support to clear their debts and to start a new life in a new safe health conditions.

WAO ministry support the stone workers to clear debts and provide them with some new small business initiative to start new life. Stone workers are provided with new business supports like to start street breakfast and snack centers, cattle stocks, Small home stores, rice stores,pickle making,food processing,tailoring and garment making etc. WAO is open to accept support from sponsors who could strengthen the efforts of WAO ministry to rescue more stone workers and to gift them a new start in life.

Sponsoring initiatives from individual or organizations are available along with Word in Action Outreach in following missions or causes.

Sponsor a Child

Life is filled with challenges and to raise a kid with all amenities for family is a great responsibility filled with love. But a child who doesn’t have a family to take care and who has just reached his school age but left with no one to take care of him in this challenging life. Really it is a pathetic condition for anyone to imagine the life of such kids.

By the grace of God, Word in Action Outreach has taken this challenge to support these kids and leveled every hurdle to give these kids a good life with every amenity they could provide but still the need is not met. WAO has to provide more shelter, food, clothing and other facilities to such kids that are left helpless on the streets,slums,rural and urban areas. WAO is knocking every door and every organization that can be a support to these raising demands in upbringing the helpless children with proper education, clothing, feeding and providing with well facilitated housing. Generous sponsors and organizations can take this responsibility in sponsoring a kid and share the joy of the success the kid could achieve in his life by the support extended.

Sponsor a needy kid : $ 30

How it Works

Sponsors can choose a boy or girl from the web site.The child will be self support at the age of 20 to 22 and get a job ofter their education.Sponsor has to be see the child age and decide to sponsor until the age of 20 to 22.If the sponsor drop the sponsorship they must let us know before at least 6 months before. Sponsor can write letters to their sponsoring child and welcome to visit their sponsoring child.The sponsoring kid also write letter to their sponsor twice a year and send up to date picture yearly.

Sponsor a Bicycle

Education is one of the best service any parent or organization that can provide to a kid and enable them to face life with positive approach. In many of the remote places there are kids that walk 2 to 7 kilometers to attend their schools. It’s hard for them to travel daily and they are not fortunate enough to buy a bicycle for this commutation.

Word in Action Outreach has identified such needed students and gifted them with a bicycle for the students to commute for their education. Still the need is more and WAO is looking for generous sponsors, who could help these kids to continue their education and gift them with a fortunate life.

Cost for Bicycle $ 70

Sponsor a School Kit

Education to kids is not common in many of the poverty stricken families. So these families were not even able to send their kids to government aided schools due to their inability to purchase books to their children. School going children would find it as a great gift, if they are provided with complete school kit. Word in Action Outreach has seen their interest in education and provided them with a surprise gift which has turned out to be a complete school kit for their whole year education. Similar support from generous sponsors would turn out to be a great surprise gift to these school children.

Cost for school kit $60

Voluntary Options

Word in Action has Voluntary opportunities in Medical, Theological, Education, Agricultural, Teaching, Specially challenged skills, developers of environment, Builders councilors and various types of social sector the people who like to serve the poor and who like to serve the Lord welcome to join with us to change these lives.